Best influencer marketing agency in India

10 Best influencer marketing agency in India

Influencer marketing is a big part of social media marketing. An influencer marketing agency is a firm that assists brands in establishing relationships with influential individuals or groups of individuals known as influencers. These influencers can help spread the message of the product or brand to their followers, who are more likely to buy it due to their association with the influencer.

There are several types of influencers, including social media stars, bloggers, vloggers, and podcasters. Each has a different audience and writing style, making them the perfect choice for promoting a product or brand. Marketing agencies can help identify potential influencers for a brand and create a plan to connect them to the brand. They can also help pay influencers for their support.

In this article, you will find reviews of influencer marketing agency in India currently being used by companies all over India.

Find top 10 Influencer Marketing Agency in India

There are many different influencer marketing agencies and it can be difficult to decide which one to choose. To help you find the best agency for your needs, we’ve put together a list of tips.


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WhizCo is a Delhi-based digital marketing agency. We are experts in offering effective Creator Management, Social Media marketing, and Influencer Marketing services, with years of experience and skill.

WhizCo is dedicated to providing clients with the greatest digital and creative campaigns possible! They’ve worked with a variety of clients, including MK TakaTak, Hipi, Josh, Snap Inc, Moj, OYO, Maruti Suzuki, Roposso, DishTV, PayTM, Discovery Network, Big Daddy Casino, and Cantabil.

They provide a diverse range of custom-tailored services to brands. Intrigued? They can assist you:

  • Grow development techniques to increase your Instagram followers and reach.
  • With the support of our Mass Contact Campaigns, they were able to reach an estimated 10 million people throughout a network of 150 million people. All of the big communities promote your business on their social media accounts, assisting you in creating the ideal buzz that you don’t want to miss!
  • Gain access to a fan base of 100 million people in India’s tiny towns.
  • Manage your social media accounts effectively and help you grow your following and engagement by posting compelling material that is tailored to the account’s demands.
  • We help you grow your brand by creating outstanding hashtags campaigns.


influencer marketing agency in india


Eleve Media

Eleve was founded in 2012 by two brothers who saw a need for a content marketing organisation that focuses on co-creating content.

The main goal has been to facilitate and improve the growth and advancement of content creation on social media platforms, with the goal of benefiting all brands and agencies in the digital ecosystem. Eleve’s core belief is to “Explore, Engage, and Expand” the brand’s values while also establishing and growing their online presence. Eleve Media now has its own in-house technology called EXPLORE, which allows brands to find influencers via discovery tools, book influencers, and conduct real-time campaign analysis all from one dashboard.


influencer marketing agency in India



Fork Media, a disruptive ad-tech solutions firm located in India has launched Buzzerrati, an influencer marketing platform.

With in-image monetization, video monetization, and native content recommendation, Fork Media collaborates with premium publishers to provide creative brand solutions for advertisers.

Buzzerrati has a wealth of information about each influencer, including their hobbies, interests, awards and recognitions, relationships with other influencers, and other characteristics that help brands craft the right native messaging and run influencer marketing campaigns with multiple influencers.

influencer marketing agency in india



Plixxo is one of India’s leading influencer marketing platforms, with over 26,000 influencers. Priyanka Gill, the founder of POPxo, developed it, and it caters to both influencers and brands.

Bloggers, YouTubers, celebrities, Instagram influencers, and campus influencers can all join up for paid campaigns through the site. Plixxo allows brands to enlist the help of thousands of influencers in their marketing initiatives. It also allows influencers to grow their audience by posting on social media.


influencer marketing agency in india



Whisskers is a multi-award-winning and one of India’s top digital marketing firms. Whisskers offers a variety of digital transformation services to businesses of various sizes and industries to assist them improve their online presence and reach out to customers.

Whisskers believes in building and executing marketing strategies that are measurable and result-oriented in order to improve the business value and brand image in today’s digital world.


influencer marketing agency in india



Brandloom is a young India-based brand consulting, digital marketing, and design agency with offices in India, the United States, and Canada.

Brandloom satisfies the growing demand of startups and companies to reach out to customers in a cost-effective and consistent manner. They work with their clients to help them enhance their operational performance, offer products and services more effectively and efficiently, and expand their businesses in existing and new markets.


Influencer marketing agency in india



Bengaluru-based Winkl assists bloggers, influencers, and content creators in establishing their own media kits, which they can use to show off their work to their peers, receive comments, and connect with brands for brand collaborations.

It strives to be India’s most popular influencer marketing platform, as well as a preferred marketing channel for brands wishing to use influencers to achieve their objectives. Flipkart and YGL are two of their most important clients.


influencer marketing agency in india



Qoruz is an all-in-one influencer marketing platform with a highly customised influencer search engine, a data-driven campaign planning interface, and rich, real-time reports.

Here are some of Qoruz’s distinguishing characteristics:

  • The largest database of Indian influencers
  • direct access to the influencer’s contact information
  • analytic dashboard of paid vs. organic campaign


influencer marketing agency in india



Blogmint is Asia’s first product-based influencer marketing network, as well as one of India’s first influencer marketing platforms which connects brands with social influencers such as bloggers, YouTubers, Twitteratis, and Instagrammers.

This tool assists brands in identifying and engaging specific influencers in order to develop effective social and video content. With over 29,000 influencers and 900 businesses and agencies, Blogmint is the largest marketplace for influencer marketing.


influencer marketing agency in india



At SGK make the marketing process as simple as possible. They remove complexity from every part of marketing to create opportunities and outcomes, allowing brands to speak clearly, scale faster, and grow stronger.

They’re from the rigorous, technically demanding packaging industry. For more than 75 years, they’ve been simplifying marketing and enhancing brands for some of the world’s most well-known firms. 



All of these influencer marketing agency in India are highly experienced and known for their quality work. All of them have excellent customer service, so you can be sure that you will be satisfied with their services.