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Memes have become a popular means to generate a buzz around social media platforms. Interestingly, there is much more to discover in the memes beyond simple, witty remarks made through these popular social media posts. 


Over time, these random, entertaining posts have become the central point of moment marketing. Today, memes can’t be simply judged as a silly copy or witty image as they are now being used for expressing diverse, relevant ideas to their audiences. These are pretty popular among the masses and drive engagement through eliciting humor. 


When used precisely, it can be a powerful weapon for companies to design their social media marketing strategies. Rightfully tagged as the future of marketing, memes are the most engaging form of content that can impact business branding. 


Want to incorporate such funny elements into your campaigns? Don’t know where to begin? This is your chance! This piece is a rundown through some of the practical meme marketing ideas, let’s get started! 


Steps to Decode Effective Meme Marketing 


Know Your Audience

It’s a familiar scene in many standup comedy shows where a comedian’s joke keeps missing the mark. The audience may not understand the joke or may not find it to be funny, signifying the lack of a well-tailored script for the audience. 

Similarly, with meme marketing, it becomes important to gauge the reaction of your audience when creating a meme post. Many social media marketing agencies in Delhi target audiences based on their age, gender, location, industry, and other parameters. The collected information enables the creation of a meme that hits the mark. 

Be Innovative to have Original Memes

It’s pretty common to see the same meme image being used widely on social media. We understand that popularity plays a crucial role but be innovative in giving your message to the targeted audience. Instead of getting them repurposed, put in some effort that will make you stand out. 

Sacarms are good to deliver your points but make sure to touch a bit of humility. Whatever you are sharing, it should get a sync of your brand message and fun. Otherwise, most likely, it won’t become viral. 

social Media Marketing Agency in Delhi

Stay Trending with Memes

Timeliness is crucial in getting an opportunity to showcase humor and relevance. Always lookout for the ongoing trends that are viral on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This will probably help you to work on memes based on the popularity and make them viral at the right time. 

Sometimes trends are short-lived, they last for a short span of a few days or a week. Here, you can consider skipping them. Just go for the next trend meant to stay for a longer time in the digital landscape. 

social Media Marketing Agency in Delhi

Reflect on Your Brand’s Personality

It can be hard to juggle your brand image and staying relevant to the audience. Often businesses can sail away with the humor content. However, from a branding perspective, it’s necessary to have a consistent brand image and adhere to it. The goal here is not only to create funny memes but also to include bits of indirect promotion. 

So, whatever memes you eventually make, ensure a consistent approach. If not, you are a greater chance of losing your audience to confusing content.

social Media Marketing Agency in Delhi

Research Memes

Humour is a very sensitive topic, and sometimes it may not go well with the audience. It is always smart to do in-depth research before simply posting any content as a brand meme. 

Ensure that you use images and pictures that don’t hurt the sentiments of people in general. Such damages can dramatically impact the turnover of the business. 


Bottom Line

Memes are an interesting way to add a human element to your brand with the help of fun and humor. Besides being a great move to your social media marketing campaigns, it can earn you to engage with your audience. 

Sounds a lot for your business? Lack of creativity to juggle around with meme marketing? Relax, Whizco has you covered! Reach us out to upscale your meme marketing to another level.

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