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Whizco – Digital marketing has come leaps and bounds in the last few years. Ideas like voice SEO and AI are the new fancy. You can’t rely on age-old tools in a rapidly evolving trend. The only way to survive is to be ahead of the curve and embrace new trends as soon as they come.


Here are our top Digital Marketing suggestions, that even some of the best digital marketing agencies in Delhi are following to future-proof businesses in 2021. Let’s explore them.

Tips for doing the best digital marketing in 2021

digital marketing agency in delhi

1.No-click searches & Featured snippets

The year 2021 has changed the goals of SEO from getting the top spot to moving towards a position that provides better SEO visibility. Just some tweaking and you maintain a steady amount of visitors. 

2.User Experience will dominate the market, be it 2021 or beyond!

User experience (UX) is no longer a buzzword; you can’t neglect this in your SEO approach. User experience is a central factor in helping you rank in search algorithms.

3.Use user behavior data to create marketing strategies

Data is the key to sales! In 2021, focus on incorporating new technologies to fetch user behavior and their actions on your website. Once done, it’s time to craft a similar campaign, as per your ideal customer’s interest. 

4.Get Smart with Programmatic Advertising!

AI is the indisputable king when it comes to digital marketing. Ensure that you use the best of two worlds (AI and Advertising) to create programmatic advertising that automates your ad buying. This way, you can filter down to a more specific set of audiences. 

5.Focus on creating personal relationships with the customer

Personalization can help you stand out from the crowd. Crafting a personalized approach towards your customers is your best chance at sales. 

digital marketing agency in delhi

6.Chatbots: You thought they were gone? 

Powering over 85% of customer service already, Chatbots will continue to dominate for 2021 and beyond. You can’t get wrong with an intelligent tool that can execute operations behind your back.

7.Affiliate… the new Influencer marketing?

Affiliate marketing has been an age-old concept. However, you can go to the next level with influencer marketing for 2021. 

8.Image and Video SEO are the new Trends!

Typing for search results? That’s old-school now! It’s time to make your website more friendly to image search. This way, you can easily hop into the SEO trend!

9.Use customer feedback effectively

Reach out to customers with a survey on what they like and don’t like about your business. Use the results to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

10.Cutting back on social media platforms in 2021?

Looking at the rate at which new social media platforms pop up every minute. Designing new campaigns for individual platforms can be a mammoth task, it’s better to cut them off in 2021!

Whizco - Digital Marketing agency in Delhi

11.Try to get into moment marketing

This is revolutionary for its ability to reach a huge number of people. It is also great for creating a friendly and relatable brand image.

12.Give out personalized offers to customers

With the data of customer activity on your website, you can give them an exclusive offer. This will positively impact sales.

13.Semantic Search Moving Forward!

Moving forward, SEO is going to be shaped by how people will search the internet. Take your marketing to the next level with semantics (study of words). Isn’t it perfect for search engines like Google?

14.Why Stay Limited to Plan View Videos?

This trend that takes interaction to the next level is on the rise! 360˚  video gives a more immersive view to the viewers. Isn’t it an immersive way to engage customers? 

15.Are you Incorporating the New Google Lenses in your Campaigns?

Similar to image SEO, ensure you make your website and offerings compatible with Google Lens search. Whizco doing in a perfect way.

digital marketing agency in delhi

16.You thought the list won’t mention PPI Advertising?

PPI advertising will be here as long as digital advertisements exist. Curate smarter campaigns for 2021. 

17.Yes, Local SEO is a thing now!

With Covid-19 restraining the local boundaries, we think it’s the right time to work on that long left Google My Business SEO. Get started! You can also Whizco Business listing as an example!

18.Using AI for automation

Automating certain tasks will help you focus the human labor on essential tasks only. This will help you reach your goals better and lower the workload for your workforce.

19.Voice Search, Obviously!

Google Assistant allows over 2,000 “actions” and Alexa is trained with 30,000 “skills,” still don’t see the opportunity? 

20.Stories, Stories, Stories!

Stories give you a spotlight similar to PPC ads, time to re-think your social media strategy! All of these sound way too much? Think you need professional help? Relax, we’ve got you covered at Whizco – a digital marketing agency!



Whizco- Digital Marketing Agency in delhi

Going digital is the only way to adapt! With businesses bouncing back and adapting to the new normal, following the trends are our only chance at embracing the current situation. Lastly, feel free to reach out if you have any questions about any of the suggested trends, we’ll be more than happy to help.  


Whizco wishes you a prosperous year of success. Let’s grow together!  


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